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22nd June – 3rd July 2020


Application Fee 60,000 ALL

“Be the champion of your life”

Champ Camp

Champ Camp is a collaboration between SmartED and Woodrow Wilson School. The aim of this project is to deliver an elite education for your child. Keeping your child busy and active during summer helps them to rapidly and steadily develop into leaders for the dynamic global society by nurturing their lifestyle behavior and by further developing and enriching their skills in the process. As we find ourselves in the Digital Age, there are information that you would want your child to learn and put that information into good use.

The camp will begin in a full-service campus that will accommodate the child in every aspect they need to learn and develop. Champ Camp is dedicated to those students who aspire to study abroad. Dreaming big and encouraging your child to the opportunity of studying abroad at top International Universities, is a mission that can only be accomplished by teaching them discipline, infinite training and a support system

that includes their families and the school. During your child’s stay at the campus, they will be introduced to a university campus lifestyle.


The daily program that your child will attend is based on creating a balance between body, mind and feelings. Students will improve their knowledge in English, Mathematics and will be trained in the subject of how to become an entrepreneur. Further to this, they will build a winners’ portfolio for the universities they wish to compete in the future. The teenage years of a child are considered to be the most important bridge

connecting their childhood thinking path into a young adults’ mindset.

Preparing in the right moment and place, with the support of a winner’s mindset trainees, will transform your child into the champion of their life.

Daily Agenda

9:00-9:30 Morning Me eting

9:30-10:15 SAT Math

10:15-11:00 SAT English

11:00-11:30 Snack Time

11:30-13:00 Future Entrepreneurs

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-15:30 Movie (Documentary)

15:30-17:00 Re-creation Time/Sport

22nd June – 3rd July 2020

Fee: 60'000 ALL

Champ Camp Coaches


Pamela Gruda

I am Pamela, coach of SmartED. Graduated and certified with excellent results as a Pharmacist at the University of Medicine, Tirana, with 4 years of experience at the leading pharmaceutical company, Novartis, as a Medical Advisor, as well part of the academic staff of Albanian University, as a Lecturer Assistant.

After extensive experience in organizing educational events, I decided to be part of the creation of Champ Camp, which is dedicated to young people with big dreams, in order to give a dose of personal experience from an American summer math camp. Through various classes and events, we want to bring out the best in future Champions.

Vasjan Broka

I am Vasjan, coach of the SmartED intelligent class. After a professional journey, education and training in USA, Israel, Great Britain, Ireland, Bulgaria and Albania I want to share with you my experience through a summer program called Champ Camp, which is dedicated to young people who want to study abroad. After completing my academic studies in Mathematics and Economics at the American University in Bulgaria, I decided to return to Albania to continue my classes with students from different age groups. The business I founded offers a variety of classes and services that prepare young people to become part of an American university. More than 50 students have attended personalized SmartED classes so far. I would like to invite you to become part of Champ Camp and together we will start the journey towards an elite education.

Adela Masha

I am Adela, coach from Woodrow Wilson School. I have 5-year experience in teaching various subjects of business and as a consultant in managing and marketing. I have lived and studied in the United Kingdom for 15 years and finally returned to Albania in hope to exercise my considerable experience and knowledge. I am fully committed to the pre-university education system and beyond. As a team we have undertaken into our responsibility to create new ideas that are currently missing in the market that help facilitate students further in their development. Champ Camp is the newest innovation in the country and will be used as a bridge for those students who aspire to continue their studies abroad. This summer camp will be a new and thriving experience where the young students will understand and learn the discipline of western learning through various strategies and tools. I invite you to be part of this camp where everything will serve as a springboard for your child’s future.

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22nd June - 3rd July 2020

For questions about Champ Camp contact us at: +355 694795323

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